DonauFestival 2014 @ Krems, Austria – Friday, April 25 – Saturday, May 3 | Events

The radically new style of festival Donaufestival is back for its tenth edition from April 25th to the 26th and also from April 30th to May 3rd. The Austrian town Krems is proud to be hosting this unique event, and this year, they aim to remain true to their original goal of changing art and changing the world. This festival is not just home to just music or art but a variety of unique and one of a kind experiences and passionate people that don’t want to just entertain, but to impact change.


Such experiences include performance art, cutting edge strains of theatre, fine art but also activism, media art, club, pop strategy, installation art and music. Donaufest is extremely passionate about all global themes and the aim for the festival over the next 3 years is to highlight artists whose work is highly engaged with such themes including the human-animal-nature relationship, exploitation, exclusion, repression, and migration.


This year, Donaufest is bringing some inspirational artists and performers to Krems. This includes Mykki Blanco, Actress, Finnbogi Petursson, Emi Honda & Jordan Mckenzie, Roly Porter, Ebe Oke, Jon Hopkins, Tim Hecker, Mouse on Mars, Forest Swords and so many more. So if this festival is something you too are also passionate about, or you are just the sort of person that is interested in new ideas and enjoy the unknown then head to their website for tickets and more information. See how much of a change Donaufest can have on you.



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