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Edge Of Tomorrow has had a weird shelf life. Released to excellent reviews in 2014, it finished with a lukewarm box office total of $370.5 million from a $178 million budget. Critics pointed to the marketing and specifically the title for not conveying to audiences that the film was essentially a sci-fi action version of Groundhog Day.


Thus, on subsequent home video and streaming releases, the film has been retitled Live. Die. Repeat., which was originally its tagline. The irony is that the original novel was called All You Need Is Kill, but Warner Bros. didn’t want the word “kill” in the title. They were of course happy to have “die” in the title once they were faced with diminishing profits.


All this is to say that since its disappointing release, Edge Of Tomorrow has developed a cult following and talk of a sequel has been frequent. Director Doug Liman recently revealed in an interview with CBM that he has finally completed a script for an Edge Of Tomorrow sequel, and is basically just waiting for Tom Cruise‘s schedule to clear up.


That could be an issue. Cruise is currently locked in to film back-to-back Mission: Impossible sequels with director and good friend Christopher McQuarrie. Considering that franchise is Cruise’s flagship, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to divide his attention between those and an ambitious sci-fi sequel. So Liman may have to wait until Cruise is done filming M:I 7 and 8, a fact the director acknowledges.


There’s also no word on whether Emily Blunt is back in the script for the sequel, but one assumes as much considering how much chemistry her and Cruise had. The film was praised for its unique premise and humour, and for Cruise’s decision to play a little against-type in a less-than-heroic role.


So there’s no official announcement regarding Edge Of Tomorrow 2, and we may be twiddling our thumbs for a while considering that shooting back-to-back Mission: Impossible films must be a daunting and time-consuming task. Still, it’s great to know that an Edge Of Tomorrow sequel is not just a pipedream and is definitely in the works.



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