Doug Liman To Direct Tom Cruise In Outer Space-Shot Movie In Collaboration With Elon Musk & NASA | Film News


Tom Cruise has already pushed action filmmaking to its limits with some of his stunt work, but now he’s going even further. He will re-team with his Edge Of Tomorrow director Doug Liman for an action film to be shot in actual outer space that’s being developed independently and involves both Elon Musk‘s Space X and NASA.


Of course Cruise is the first to attempt this. When you’ve already done all the craziest stunts there is to do on earth, you move to the next frontier. This isn’t some loose attachment either, Cruise and Liman have developed this whole project together. Liman is writing the first draft of the screenplay and producing along with Cruise.


Deadline revealed on a few weeks ago that Cruise was planning this feat, to actually travel to space in a craft to shoot the film, but now NASA has confirmed its participation, and the project is underway.


Obviously the film will have an unprecedented pre-production that will involve intense training to be able to withstand an outer space flight, but betting against Cruise on this would be a mistake. He’s as driven as anyone in Hollywood, and if anyone can will this project into existence and pull it off, it’s him.


We’ll now wait for more news regarding the film as it surely becomes the talk of Hollywood over the next few years. Who else will be willing to join Cruise in – say it again – literal outer space?



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