Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Album Still In The Works | Music News


It looks like we are finally seeing some progress on the legendary ‘final album’ by Dr. Dre! Reports are suggesting that Detox is ‘in progress’ and should be expected in the near future. With the album having been shelved multiple times over the years amongst others, we hope that this news will finally be the start of something that is well overdue.


Dr. Dre and long-time business associate and record producer Jimmy Iovine were seen hanging out together at the practice of the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday when ESPN reporter Chris Haynes inquisitively asked Dre if his highly anticipated, long-delayed album Detox was ever going to be released. His response, captured in the tweet below, has gotten Hip-Hop fans excited again.



Considering his executive involvement in the 2015 movie soundtrack for Compton, producing for Eminem‘s latest project Revival and that he himself admitted on more than one occasion that the album was done for, surprise is more than an understatement for this new development and we hope there is definitely more to come.



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