Dr. Jekyll Is The Latest Icon To Join ‘Penny Dreadful’ | TV News

dr jekyll


An icon with a new look, it really goes to show how versatile Gothic Horror is. We were promised by the creators of Penny Dreadful a horror icon to make the third season of the show stand out. Now finally we know who that icon is, and it can’t be anyone else other than Dr. Jekyll.


But if you expect him to be the typical tortured doctor from the novel, think again. Shazad Latif who plays the role in the gothic drama told Digitalspy how his version is a new take on the character, commenting: “He’s mixed-race – his father was a Colonial military man for the Raj and his mother was a mistress. So he’s already an outcast when he arrives in Victorian London – that’s the starting point, the angle, so it’s a very unique and very exciting take“.


A promising character for a hit drama, I can’t wait to see how his arc plays out.



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