‘Doctor Strange’ Rumoured To Begin Filming In London In 2015 | Film News


Oscar Award nominee and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix is rumoured to be playing character Dr Strange in Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation. The supernatural horror story Doctor Strange is said to start filming in mid 2015 at World famous London studios Shepperton and Pinewood. Although not scheduled for release until the 8th of July 2016, Marvel Studio is already preparing for another Hollywood block buster smash.


Arrogant money loving surgeon Stephen Strange, destroys his career after an accident permanently injures his hands. Not satisfied with becoming a teacher, Strange is adamant he will find a cure for his condition and will be able to restore his career as a top class surgeon. However after months of trail and error, the loss of funds and being reduced to homelessness, a sorcerer named Ancient One tells Strange that he might have the answer to his prayers.


In desperate need and with nowhere else to turn, Strange travels to the Himalayas to meet the sorcerer. However things don’t turn out how he planned and the Ancient One not only explains that he would never return to the life of a surgeon but that he now plans to train the doctor to protect the earth from evil. Keep your eyes peeled on here for more news and information on Dr Strange as it breaks



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