Dream Rock Trio Shade Ray Release New Single ‘Witches’

London trio Shade Ray have released their brand new single titled “Witches”. The song talks about the misunderstanding of witches in fables and what we don’t know about their own story among this well-known tales. The song brings up the power of women feared through history and tells the story about frustration but also teaches us not to shy away from our full selves.

Shade Ray – first known as Marine – is an all female trio of powerful women from London. Cara, Beth & Kaja create intricate and spiralling and epic songs that make you want to sway all night and lose yourself in the sweet sound of their melodies. The band plays with the light and plays with the dark, thriving in contrast.

The band conjures stories and sound that walk on a fine line between surreal and deeply heartfelt, often stepping away from the ordinary in their lyrics and telling stories about kingdoms, characters and monsters, viewing the world through them.

A mix of guitars, bass and samples bring together an extraordinary power that is found in their live performances. Their influences include jazz, doowop, soul, grunge, hip hop and psychedelia with a defiant punk heart at the centre.

This is the second song of their new EP and you can listen to it now right here:


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