Drew Goddard To Write & Direct ‘Deadpool’ Spinoff ‘X-Force’ | Film News


Drew Goddard (Marvel’s Daredevil) has been tapped to be a big part of Fox’s X-universe. He will write and direct the Deadpool spinoff X-Force, which will focus on a Black Ops style force of “down and dirty” mutant warriors led by Deadpool and Cable, who is to be introduced in Deadpool 2.


Goddard is a great pick foe the project. Having helped launch Daredevil on Netflix, and worked on successful genre films such as The Cabin In The Woods, World War Z, and even picking up an Oscar nomination for his script for The Martian, he’s a great choice to helm a film that’ll likely be full of fun but also plenty of violence.


He was originally set to direct The Sinister Six in the MCU before Marvel decided to go ahead with the new Spider-Man reboot. Now he finally gets his chance at the helm of a big superhero film, one where rules, genre tropes and even fourth walls are all available to shatter.


Fox continues to make bold choices with it’s superhero films after the massive success of both Deadpool and Logan. Deadpool 2 will be arriving from John Wick co-director David Leitch, while X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are both in the works and looking very exciting.


Before X-Force goes into production, Goddard will finish work on the enigmatic Bat Times At The El Royale which stars Chris Hemsworth and Jeff Bridges, also for Fox.



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