Dua Lipa Announces Her Second Album ‘DL2’ | Music News


Dua Lipa‘s fans can jump for joy, since the singer has just announced via Instagram that her new album is set to be released very soon. In her post, Dua is sitting in a bedroom, but what strikes the eye the most is her new dyed blonde hair.


In her feed, the singer talks about “a new era”. She surely refers to her new look, but also to the new album, which will be probably titled DL2. This is her second LP, after the outstanding success of her first one, which debuted in 2017 and included such songs as “New Rules”. Since then, she has collaborated with Calvin Harris on “One Kiss” and reached international stardom.


The new look seems linked to new music. As she explained in 2017, in her opinion, the two are strictly connected: “My beauty look really depends on what I want to put out there with the video. I try not to go too crazy with videos, makeup-wise, but I guess it all just depends on the mood of the track. I like playing around with looks and changing it up.”


Her new album will surely original features. It will have “a lot more live instrumentation” and will probably feature such artists as Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams who have been seen in the studio with her.


The wait is nearly over and we look forward to listening to her new creations!



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