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London based singer/songwriter Duchess dropped her latest single “Close” in April and she’s now following that with this beautifully constructed, stripped back version of the chill-pop track.


This time round, the specially mixed version showcases a more melodic approach with Duchess’ vocals at the fore, backed by a tasteful combination of piano and backing vocals, which provide the perfect accompaniment to her candid vocals.


We see the pop starlet teaming up once again with producer and co-writer Patch Boshell, as the pair delivered an intimate and love-fulled vocal take which soon took on another level of meaning as it came just as we were facing the current lockdown period and self-isolation.


This ‘alt’ version was the result of a mid-lockdown cross-Atlantic collaboration with artists and engineers in the US as well as back here in london – as she explains:


Putting this together in the midst of a global pandemic was never going to be the easiest task; but fortunately we were able to work with some incredible musicians from across the pond which has significantly added to the emotion of the finished product.


This project has been particularly special for me as we have not only managed to construct everything remotely, but the end-result is a colossal amount of collective talent”.


To date, Duchess has released four original singles and has also written for a variety of artists, with one of those tracks gaining a premiere with Billboard and amassing over 1 Million streams.


Her previous track “Breathe” was created to help raise awareness for domestic violence cases and she champions the importance of expression from a strong and confident female’s POV in her music, tackling issues such as bullying, body image and mental health.


Having to overcome adversity at a young age, Duchess soon learned that music, dance, poetry and expression was the key to overcome the challenges that the world threw at her, explaining: “For me dance, poetry and music saved me – I ‘m so thankful for the passion I discovered when I needed it most to heal and learn to love myself again“.



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