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Hollywood veteran Dustin Hoffman has had a career so far which has remained a constant reminder of his own life. One of Hoffman’s latest film Boychoir (2014) continues the strong musical themes that were established in his first directorial film Quartet which was released in 2012. The music influence originates from Hoffman’s past, as the ageing star was once an enthusiastic piano player during his teen years back in the 1950s.


With Dustin Hoffman, art has always imitated life throughout his career, for example Tootsie corresponds directly to the struggles and tribulations that Hoffman suffered from, whilst being an aspiring actor living in New York City in the early 1960s. Whereas Kramer vs Kramer reflects on the difficult personal life that Hoffman experienced back in the late 1970s as a result of a torturous divorce to this first wife.


Even though this actor is getting older and his roles within cinema are ever-changing, one thing that has stayed the same is his ability to create such a strong resemblance between reality and fiction. Dustin Hoffman continues to utilize life experiences in his craft as leverage in his career and in return, it provides him with great knowledge regarding good character development as well as helping him to continue to deliver the most magnificent of performances on the silver screen.



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