Dutch Artist And Producer Blanko Unveils ‘Wake Up’ Music Video

Introducing Dutch artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Blanko with his new single titled “Wake Up“. It is the first taste of his upcoming debut album titled Music By Blanko, which is set to be released in March 2022.

The new track “Wake Up” is a powerful and energetic song about breaking free from a negative situation and being able to move on. The song is driven by a 90’s rock influenced chorus and an infectious groove that makes for an enthralling and captivating listen.

The track comes with an accompanying music video that brings the emotions described in the song further to life. It also keeps with the 90’s influence the track also comes with.

Speaking about inspiration behind “Wake Up”, Blanko says: “I feel like everyone has experienced the feeling of ‘being played’ or taken advantage of in one way or another. This song represents the feeling of finally letting go of that situation, or that someone.

To me it’s an anthem about conquering yourself, making the right decision and moving on. The reason I wanted to release this song on the first day of 2022 is because we need to let go of 2021 too… as fast as possible… haha… and move on with a fresh start and positive energy! That’s what ‘Wake up’ is to me”.

Watch the video for “Wake Up” below:


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