Dutch Artist Jesse Abbey Unveils New Single ‘Play (Shake The Room)’ | Music News


Dutch singer Jesse Abbey has released his brand-new single “Play (Shake The Room)”, a self-written, produced and performed electro-pop piece. The single is accompanied by a self-directed music video and is available for streaming on all platforms.


It’s Jesse’s third release, following singles “March” and “Invincible”. The tune came about during the coronavirus lockdown. He wrote it inspired by the lockdown and the unfortunate fact that domestic abuse is up because of it.


“Play” is a playful-sounding tune that chronicles the struggles of a child in an abusive household. The uncertainty of every moment and the challenge of pleasing an abusive parent is almost like a horrible kind of game to the child, hence the song title.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Jesse explains: “there was a phrase that they used on the news that instantly made me feel all that I needed to feel to write this song, which was: the lockdowns are locking the virus out, but are keeping domestic abusers locked in.


Jesse Abbey is a Dutch singer with Nigerian roots, whose music has got one clear goal: make music that says something about the world we live in. He crafts all his songs from beginning to end in his bedroom studio, producing, writing and recording everything he releases on his own.


If you enjoy this new offering, you’d better stay tuned; two more Jesse Abbey singles are set to come out in 2020.


You can listen to “Play (Shake The Room)” here:




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