Dutch Duo Ciao Lucifer Share Their Will To Grow Up On New Track ‘Closer’

Indie pop Dutch duo Ciao Lucifer have unveiled their new track “Closer”. According to the duo, they are determined to finally embrace the manhood, as they say, “We wanted to stay boys for as long as possible, because men are so s**t. Oh well“.

Meeting each other back in high school, Marnix Dorrestein and Willem Wits were already singing growing up song with “It’s too late to die young”.

However, if they have no other choice to grow up, they want to do it in their own way. Marnix states “Our biggest fear is becoming Don Draper, we want to learn to talk openly about our emotions, dreams and needs”.

With their freshly released songs, the duo is sharing the kind of grown-ups that they want to become. Willem adds about this though, “Strong and vulnerable, compassionate and independent, reliable and adventurous. All at once“.

The recording process was insane although incorporating the demons of the duo into the song, the result was satisfying bringing an enthusiastic and pleasant mood.

The song takes is inspiration from “I Wanna Be Like You” by Jungle Book, where the monkey king is looking to have the fire, while the bridge is a reinterpretation of the Mario Kart tune.

“Closer” is dealing with the subject of growing apart, it is possible to being together but missing each other, the song presents the dreams of being closer again.

Watch “Closer” video here:


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