Dutch Hip-Hop Duo NEWĀRK Release New Track ‘Flowers That Don’t Exist’

Made up of multi-faceted artists Wessel Slager and Zep Barnasconi, NEWĀRK is an explosive and innovative hip-hop duo from the Netherlands. Based in Rotterdam, the duo see themselves as representative of “alternative
languid hip-hop music
” as their name connotes.

Their new single “Flowers That Don’t Exist” is the lead single and title track for their recently released debut album, which comes on the back of steady single releases and live performances that have built their buzz across the Netherlands, where they are spreading their own brand of emotionally fuelled alternative hip-hop.

The duo are life-long friends and this shows in the music as the chemistry that NEWĀRK have has certainly been formed over time and it sips into how seamless and harmonious their music sounds. It also brings an energetic feel and presence to their music, and once combined with their love for jazz, pop and hip-hop, it delivers on a one-of-a-kind listening experience for their fans.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song “Flowers That Don’t Exist” and the album it is named after, NEWĀRK explains that, “This album is a whole journey for us, the oldest track was made in 2018 and the newest is from a few weeks ago. This album is about self reflection, love, feeling good and feeling bad. We are so happy we can finally share this with the world“.

Listen to “Flowers That Don’t Exist” below:


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