Dwayne Johnson To Star In New ‘Baywatch’ Movie | Film News

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Dwayne Johnson To Star In New ‘Baywatch’ Movie | Film News


Are you ready to see the glistening bald head of mega buff Dwayne Johnson sprinting across a sandy beach? Well, you better be because it seems that Johnson will be taking the lead role in the new Baywatch movie. Paramount have also toed in Horrible Bosses 2 writers Sean Anders and John Morris to take charge of the movie. So we can only hope it will be injected with some much needed, tongue-in-cheek comedy that will enable Johnson to take on such a role with his usual charm and bulging biceps.


With the original script taken over by Justin Melan, will we be getting a different kind of Baywatch than previously thought? With the original narrative revolving around the interruption of drug smuggling operations by a string of shark attacks, we can only hope so. However, we’ll have to wait and see as there is currently no news about what direction the new movie may take. Despite this, Johnson has proved himself capable of taking on the role of protagonist with sheer determination and willingness so perhaps, we’re in good hands after all.



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