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With his most recent release “Shapeshifter” making serious waves and being featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Poptronix Playlist, New York singer/songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet returns again to share with us his latest single, the powerfully emotional “Always Been You”.


This brand new cut is a modern pop ballad with a lo-fi gloss, bolstered with swirling guitar synths and such beautiful textures, reminiscent of Emmet’s previous efforts with LeyeT on “Most People” and Chandler Juliet on “Burning Sage”. Emmet provides us with a moment of clarity as she gives insight into his innermost frustrations.


“I wrote the song about falling for someone and not knowing if you should tell them. Whether it’s a close friend, co-worker, or a long distance thing, it sucks to be in love with someone that you are not ‘supposed’ to have feelings for.


All you think about is telling them how you really feel, but you know that you risk losing them completely if they don’t feel the same way. This song is really a snapshot of my mindframe as I realized how deep my feelings went for this girl…I still haven’t told her…”



With the unexpected news of a two year old daughter he’s never met spurring a string of gut wrenching personal songs, his motivations for life have significantly changed. Leaving Los Angeles for New York for fatherhood, Dylan has continued to successfully write and produce for multiple artists on both coasts as he intends to make the next season of his life count, not just for him but for his little one too.



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