E4 Unveils New ‘Rap Therapy’ Series On Mental Health | Music News


Rap Therapy is the exciting new series from the Channel 4 entertainment branch, E4. The series of short episodes features some of the UK’s best-known rap artists such as Krept and Konan, Ms Banks, Ray BLK and D Double E.


It is a five-part series aimed at freeing the conversations about mental health, as artists openly talk about things that have affected them, from grief and body image to trauma. The goal is to raise awareness among young adolescents about the importance of having good mental health, so that they can feel better about their bodies and develop fully in their lives.


The British artists express themselves around different subjects for example, in the first episode, Konan speaks openly about the violent loss of his stepfather and the trauma that resulted. In the second episode, Ray BLK leads us through some conscious breathing exercises.


Krept opens up in the third episode about the loss of his cousin and fellow rapper Cadet, in a car accident. He explains how he experienced this loss and how he coped with his grief. While Ms. Banks explores body image and self-esteem in the fourth episode. The last episode conducted by D Double E is about how we fall asleep.


This digitally animated series takes viewers through the artists’ testimonials to discover tips and methods to help them cope with their mental health challenges. All the episodes are available online, check them out below:




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