East London Multi-Instrumentalist Jack Trouble Releases New Single ‘Danger’ | Music News


British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Trouble has just unveiled a brand-new song called “Danger”, taken from his debut album I released on November 6.


The song fuses Jack’s soul roots and funk elements, including a groovy guitar riff and bass line. It also showcases his practical skills, as he played every single instrument for the song.


Like he did for this new song, Jack recorded his album I entirely, and also wrote, produced and played every instrument.


I is a genre-busting record, that sounds mainly neo-soul, but some songs are also giving off funk, R&B and even rock vibes. Speaking about his capacity to mend genre, Jack explains: “this album was intended to be an R&B album for a rock audience”.


That originality is due to his father’s influence, who exposed him to country, folk and blues at a young age, before he ventured into rock, R&B, soul, funk and electronic music and his teenage years.


A self-taught guitarist and pianist, Jack regularly plays around Camden Town in London today. He released his debut single “Trouble” in April of this year, before releasing his first album at the beginning of the month.


You can listen to the song below:




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