Eastenders Producers Changed Identity Of Lucy Beale’s Killer | TV News


It seems not only are Eastenders fanatics confused as to who could have possibly murdered Lucy Beale – so are the producers. It has been revealed that Eastenders boss Dominic Tredwell-Collins has changed the identity of Lucy Beale’s killer before writing the concluding storyline. The initial plot and culprit was described by Dominic as “clever and fine, but it didn’t come from the heart“.


He continued, “so myself, Sharon Batten (series producer), Alex Lamb (story producer) and Manpreet Dosanjh (script producer) locked ourselves away in a hotel room and we came up with an alternative. It’s emotionally right, true and very exciting. From that moment, it’s been locked in and we would not cheat the audience by changing it now“. Even though we still have to sit patiently and watch character after character create superstition until all is revealed in February; it has been confirmed that as of New Year’s Day, the suspect list will be much smaller. Bring on February!



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