ECHO And Tomer Katz Release Brand New Single ‘Oh My Life’ | Music News


ECHO and Tomer Katz – better known as D Fine Us – have released their joint album titled Dismissed, which is the original soundtrack to a new Israeli TV show of the same name. “Oh My Life” comes as the second single of the soundtrack album.


This track is about faith and the courage to keep going in the darkest hours. The music first comes from a simple guitar riff, which can be heard in the first few seconds of the track. This intense song with a strong message was recorded in one session, according to the artists.


ECHO is one of Israel’s most active singers and producers. After many years of touring the world, she decided to focus more on Hebrew hip-hop with her album Achat. This album is a real success and even manages to place women at the center of the Hebrew hip-hop scene. Oscillating between English and Hebrew, ECHO’s voice captivates us, especially in “Oh My Life”.


Tomer Katz, better known by his stage name D Fine Us, is an Israeli producer and writer based in the capital Tel Aviv. Katz mixes old and new sounds, as we can hear in “Oh My Life”. He also draws his inspiration from jazz, soul, and hip-hop references.


We find this mix of genres and sounds in “Oh My Life” and it creates the perfect combination.


You can listen to it just below.




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