Ed Prosek – Hold On Tight | Music Video


“Hold On Tight” is the latest offering from the sensational Orange County native Ed prosek, the single of which was released on October 5th – but now I come bearing visuals to coincide with the beautiful pop-folk ballad. The song reflects upon Ed’s journey both as a young man and as a musician, and it focuses on how to make it in this world, and the certain people that help make that possible.


The visuals go hand in hand with the authenticity of the track, as they are both as artistic and beautifully crafted as the single was, which is not surprising since we already know how brilliant Ed is, having created the music, lyrics and the arrangement of the entire track, along with Charlie Mclean who produced the single.


The video shows Ed on what appears to be a journey which as previously stated is the theme of the song, and the entire cut is produced in black and white adding a certain vintage and classy feel to the already first class song. There is layering of images and video throughout that go hand in hand with the layering and weaving of the array the instruments that create such a perfect backdrop for Ed’s pitch perfect vocals. Follow Ed on his journey below, and remember to hold on tight!




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