Ed Sheeran To Be Honoured With Madame Tussauds Waxwork | Music News


Pop star Ed Sheeran is going to be turned into wax for Madame Tussauds, well a waxwork is going to be made of him, out of wax to be precise. He recently underwent a measuring procedure in order to produce the plastic look alike of himself. Describing the scene of such an event, Ed said, “they put me in skin-tight grey shorts and vest, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination, then they just measured me for three hours, prodded and poked and filmed it”. Aw poor little Ed can you imagine? Madame Tussauds confirmed it had plans to add the Sheeran waxwork to one of its six museums in the US, the waxwork company has five existing US museums in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC and plans to open another one in Orlando this year.



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