Editors – Life Is A Fear | Music Video


In preparation for their fifth studio album – In DreamEditors have released their third single from the LP titled “Life Is A Fear”. The video is directed by ‘visual collaborator’ Rahi Rezvani and is black and white in its entirety. Rezvani states about the video: “I am a black and white person, un-scared of dividing the world in good and bad. When you have a past like mine, you don’t have time to think in shades of grey”.


His mysterious message fits well with the video which is distorted, extremely dark and, with the band wearing black sunglasses, features no direct eye-contact. The song itself is haunting and reminiscent of 80’s synth-pop. In Dream will be out on the 2nd of October. Click here to pre-order your copy, and watch the video for “Life Is A Fear” below.




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