Edgar Wright To Direct Sparks Documentary | Music News


Edward Wright, the Baby Driver director is going to be the creator of a unique documentary about the band Sparks.


Sparks are a Glam rock band created in 1972 and still active today. Their most famous records are “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”, “The Number One Song In Heaven” and they were a major influence in the 70s (the period where they were most creative). Their last album came out in 2012 and they are still touring and selling out shows in the most famous venues of the world.



Edgar Wright, who got recognition last year for the brilliant Baby Driver movie, attended Sparks’ gig at the O2 Arena to film scenes for the new documentary. He said that the idea for the movie is clear, but he is still searching for old material from the band in archive. He admitted that he was a big fan of Sparks since their first live performance on TV in 1972.



This is not going to be Edgar Wright first work for the music industry. In fact, he has had a hand shooting music videos for Beck, Pharrell Williams, Mint Royale and Bluetones.



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