Eli Del Puerto Releases Sassy New Single ‘Go Go Get It Girl’

Eli Del Puerto has just dropped the first glimpse of her upcoming album with her brand new single “Go GO Get It Girl”. Her forthcoming debut album is entitled Encounters and will be out by the end of summer.

“Go Go Get It Girl” is a sassy which is set to become an anthem for empowering women but it also has a contagious chorus that will drag you to the dance floor. It is starting with the rhythms of the bongos to lure you into the story.

This empowering song was written by a campfire in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is meant to encourage women to step into themselves regardless of social stigma, jealousy and self-doubt. The artist envisions this song sung aloud by a group of women to push them to step into their highest potential.

The song starts with a dialogue towards a man lacking confidence, where childhood trauma, as well as the lack of self-esteem, made it unbearable for him to see another person’s success and more especially a woman’s success. This aspect ruined the relationship where they were supposed to enjoy each others’ company.

Eli Del Puerto found her artist name while she lived in the port city Veracruz in Mexico. She delivers us originals as well as covers in both English and Spanish. Her bandmates are accomplished musicians that are referred to as “Los Encantos”, her dear ones. They are here to add rhythms to bring life to the music and the audience.

Listen to Eli Del Puerto new single, taken from her upcoming debut album, “Go Go Get It Girl” here”:


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