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Elias Boussnina is a Danish R&B artist of Danish-Tusisian descent. He speaks English, Danish, Arabis and French. He has lived in Tunis, France and now goes back to Denmark. He grew up listening to hip-hop and American soul from which he takes his inspiration. Since dropping out of university 2 years ago, Elias has shifted his full focus to his music.


His debut EP Shameboy were released to critical acclaimed in Denmark and supported online by the likes of Complex, God Is In The TV and Colors. Elias’ tracks “Closer” and “Summertime Blue” have amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify and garnered the artist over 340,000 monthly listeners.


Complex says about him: “His heartfelt vocals are a breath of fresh air with relatable lyrics, smooth harmonies and a gorgeous falsetto which together equals scintillating R&B that the world needs to hear”.


Thanks to this success, he has been announced as the model for Calvin Klein by Storm Copenhagen in July. Musically focused, he has spent the summer touring Denmark festival including Smukfest and Wonderfestiwall.


On November 1, he released his latest track titled “Boys Don’t Cry” via Universal Music Denmark.


It’s a melodic beats with dreamy laid-back R&B textures. He uses his smooth, soulful vocals to talk about how men are encouraged to believe that expressing their emotions is a sign of weakness.


Indeed, he has written this track after a break up, and now, he wants listeners not to feel ashamed of crying, because everybody cries some times.


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