Elizabeth Banks And Miss Piggy Kiss At VH1’s ‘Big In 2015’ | Film News

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Elizabeth Banks And Miss Piggy Kiss At VH1’s ‘Big In 2015’ | Film News

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Elizabeth Banks and Miss Piggy locked lips and made the world smile. The two women came together for VH1’s and Entertainment Weekly’s Big in 2015 on Monday (December 7) which recognized the “trailblazers and epic pop culture moments that kept us thoroughly entertained all year long”. Before the evening was over, the two women had landed in each other’s arms and professed their love to the world.


It all began with Miss Piggy presenting Banks with the Big Trailblazer honour, for her contributions in front of and behind the camera.“Ms. Banks has proven that, if given the opportunity, women can excel both in front and behind the camera. Someday, when they see strong women like us, maybe they’ll stop calling we powerful females ‘divas,’ and start calling us ‘decisive’!” 


Banks also took the time to praise Piggy and her fellow honorees Amy SchumerNicki Minaj, and Taraji P. Henson“I want to thank my O.G., Miss Piggy, Piggy is an icon. She is a bad b—- boss, who has inspired so many women like me, and like Amy and Taraji and Nicki Minaj here tonight, speaks her mind, owns her life, entertains me, honors me with her presence. Thank you, Piggy,” she concluded. “I would like to make out with you now”. Which she then proceeded to do – because Banks knows what she wants.





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