The Dark Universe may have flopped, but Universal is still interested in adapting their library of classic movie monsters to the big screen. Except now they won’t all be interconnected in some convoluted cinematic universe. Thus, in collaboration with Blumhouse, they have something exciting like Leigh Whannell‘s upcoming Invisible Man on the horizon. But what if there was also an invisible woman?


That’s exactly what’s happening. Elizabeth Banks has signed on to direct and star in Invisible Woman for the studio. Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl On The Train) has penned the most recent draft of the script, based on a pitch by Banks.


Universal previously made The Invisible Woman back in 1940 as a sequel to The Invisible Man and The Invisible Man Returns, but that was more of a screwball comedy. Reportedly Invisible Woman will not be linked to Whannell’s upcoming film, but the movies are inspired by the same story.


Banks is a perennially underrated actress who usually is stuck appearing in supporting roles. Her getting the chance to lead a big film like this is awesome news, and the fact that she’s also directing is the cherry on top. She previously directed Pitch Perfect 2 and just helmed the Charlie’s Angels reboot.


It will be interesting to see how Banks tackles the film. Invisible Man, judging by the trailers, is a straight up horror movie about an abusive husband no one can see. Invisible Woman has options to be about anything, and may not explicitly even be a horror film. Obviously Banks already has something in mind as she pitched the idea to the studio. This is exciting!



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