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Not a long time ago, super-hero films belonged to a world in which there was no sapce for women. But actresses gave visibility to a common feeling: female viewers wanted to feel represented on the big screen and things started to change step by step.


Producers were reluctant but the release of Wonder Woman left them without arguments. However, the number of women in that kind of productions is still much lower than men, as it has happened in the latest super-production that is crushing boxes Avengers: Infinity War, in which the percentage of women is minimum.


One of those women is Scarlet Witch, whose role is played by one of the younger Olsen sisters siblings, who’s older twin sisters have defined films by fashion.



Elizabeth Olsen had something to say about the way she was dressed during all the film: “It would just not be a cleavage corset. I like corsets, but I’d like it to be higher. Everyone has these things that cover them—Tessa Thompson does, Scarlett does. I would like to cover up a bit.”


Despite this, the actress states that Marvel’s films have been more inclusive over the years. “That’s why [Black] Panther felt like such a huge thing in culture, and they’re aware of it, and their goal is to not make the same stories that have happened over and over and over again. I think that’s why the movies continue to be successful from a story and tone point of view.”







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