Ella December Debuts Second Novel ‘Dirty Diamonds’ | Arts


With one novel already under her belt, 22-year old author Ella December has just unveiled her sophomore novel titled Dirty Diamonds. Described as her her most daring literary venture yet, Dirty Diamonds is a dark and honest story that revolves around the illicit world of journalist Harley-Jade Diamond. Harley works for SCANDAL magazine, where she exposes the secrets of the elite, but she has her own secret that she is trying to hide – she’s sleeping with a powerful politician, will this come round to bite her in the back?


Ella December has been writing short stories since September 2012 and gained a fanbase for herself, releasing her work on websites such as Wattpad and Scribd. She initially posted Dirty Diamonds as a short story on her Wattpad and after gaining 20,000 reads, decided to turn it into a novel. You can purchase Dirty Diamonds hard copy here, and keep tabs on Ella here.



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