Ella Grace Releases ‘She Looked Like Me’ For International Woman’s Day | Music News


Ella Grace has released a new song for International Woman’s Day. It is called “She Looked Like Me” and is about seeing youself in other woman without any female competitiion that the society weights upon us. It is about looking at another woman and feel empathy because we know better than anyone the day to day struggles that we suffer in silence.


Ella tells us what she thinks when seeing another woman struggling, “I see the power she has beneath the surface and I wish for her to discover it one day. I wish for all women to be able to recognise and reconnect with their unique power and essence because outside of this Patriarchal society there is so so much more to us”.


For the last eight years, she has been actively helping other women online and offline through podcasts, retreats, courses and taboo-breaking conversations reflecting directly on her music. Recently she has created her own record label called ONEONEONE with financial help from The Shawn Mendes Foundation.


“She Looked Like Me” is the last single to be released before her debut album Reverance though her label. The album talks about her personal self-discovery, as she explains, “The album tells that story, of falling in love with a woman, discovering myself again, and the surrender that comes with heartbreak”.


Listen to “She Looked Like Me” below:




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