Elle Exxe – Catapult | Music Video

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Elle Exxe – Catapult | Music Video


Scottish electro pop artist Elle Exxe has just dropped off a self-directed music video for her latest single “Catapult“, which was premiered for the first time yesterday at MAC‘s flagship store in London. Using a lot of make-up in the clip, Elle has a message that she wants to pass.


Too often people define and judge one another based on basic outlines ­– what clothes someone wears, who they’re friends with, what colour their skin is etc. Those judgements become beliefs – creating the same kind of instinct that tells you when something is flat or has depth. I wanted to mess with people’s minds in video format by creating a 2D illusion with high-contrast black and white makeup and clothing“.


She continues “I think its kinda sad that we make up stories of what someone’s life might have been just by the way they look…I think its time we start to try and get to know each other and get to know people outside of our circle“.


This single is an hypnotic, widescreen pop anthem with a soaring energy which is filtered through Elle’s riotous vocals and snarly rap. Don’t miss it and watch it now below:




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