Elle Fanning, Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Play Exciting Game Of ‘Catchphrase’ | TV News



Jimmy Fallon is always challenging his guests through a wide variety of games on The Tonight Show. ‘Catchphrase’ has to be the most exhilarating one, though, given the speed and alertness it requires. It seems Elle Fanning, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were more than up for the task!


Fallon teamed up with the two musicians, while Fanning paired up with the audience’s favourite announcer on the show, Steve Higgins. From “Thumb Wrestle” to “Duck Face”, this was by far the funniest ‘Catchphrase’ game to date. If watching this felt like I was slowly dying of anticipation, I can’t even imagine the players’ thoughts.


Even though the odds were clearly stacked in Fallon’s team’s favour, Fanning and Higgins proved to be worthy competitors, despite the actress’s initial nervousness. Who can really mess with Macklemore when it comes to words, though? See for yourselves below:




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