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Singer-songwriter Elliott Smith has unveiled a previously unheard song, which he recorded in 1984, when he was 14. A portion of the song “Ocean” was first debuted in a new documentary about Elliott titled Heaven Adores You, which was billed as a visual portrait of the life of the artist. The film is directed by Nickolas Rossi and it features unreleased photos and video footage. Its soundtrack will include several other unheard songs, but not “Ocean”.


Elliott’s friend and co-producer of the film Kevin Moyer shared the song on an interview with Portland Radio Project, where “Ocean” was previewed for the public to hear. His tender but shaky voice is a sign of his first steps as a singer, accompanied with instrumentals flowing into an insight of a dreamy past. The song can be heard around the 32 minute mark of the interview, which you can stream below.




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