Elliphant + MØ – One More | Music Video


“One More” is the new collaborative single from Scandinavian badasses Elliphant and . The song starts with drums and snaps setting the pace, and the rythm is low and calm. After a few seconds, the voices of Elliphant and MØ kick in sublimely. The refrain bring in long notes to accompany their voices, and the chorus as well, and at the middle of the song, electronic melodies take over to give a sense of strength, with Elliphant pleading to “stay with her all night“.


This is the climax, and after it, the song returns to the calm rythm of the beggining. The atmosphere of this song reminds me of a beautiful flight in the middle of the night which you don´t want to finish, and with lyrics such as “one more”, and “stay with me”, Elliphant and are having a great time on this record. It´s an original song which doesn´t use too much resources, however it is very good creation because of Elliphant and MØ’s vocal changes, and the addition of different melodies below both singers. Enjoy “One More” and its accompanying video, which was directed by Tim Erem and has just been released, below.




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