Elsa And Anna Return For First Trailer ‘Frozen Fever’ | Film Trailer


If you’d thought you had seen the last of Princess Anna and Elsa, think again because of course the Frozen girls are back for a new short, Frozen Fever. While a fully fledged sequel is not yet ready from Disney, a new short will have to keep the little ones going for now, as singing “Let It Go” can take a break for some brand new songs.


Revolving around Ana’s birthday, Frozen Fever sees Elsa attempt at planning the perfect celebration for her sister, with the help of sweet Kristoff. Alas, Elsa’s chilly powers put more than just the party at risk! The short is planned to be shown before Disney’s other flick Cinderella, which hits theatres on March 13. Can’t wait that long? Lucky for you, there’s a brand new trailer that hints at all the Frozen fun to come.


I have no doubt this will bring small children dragging their parents to see Cinderella, even if only for this new short. Smart move, Disney, smart move. Should the short gain success, which lets face it – it will, there’s a good chance we’ll be getting a new sequel! In the mean time, enjoy the new trailer and count  down to March 13!



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