Emerging East Coast Artist Keeper E. Shares New Track ‘My Favourite Song’

Rising indie-pop star and emerging East Coast artist Keeper E. has unfolded a new track titled “My Favourite Song”.

The young singer has the power to drive the listener in a cloud of heartfelt, tender lyrics with playful pop sounds and beats. Taking her roots on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, Keeper E. fills her tracks with serenity incorporated natural imagery of rivers and ocean imbued in folk vibes.

Her singles are profoundly intimate, inviting the listeners to take a path along her journey. Her patchwork of folk melodies mixed energetic synths, layers of vocals, sound effects, and driving beats, with her listeners welcomed to sing along the appealing melodies and raw sentiments.

Speaking about “My Favourite Song”, Keeper E. says, “is about hoping that singing along to your favourite song will take away all the pain and suffering in the world. It’s kind of a joke, like obviously just listening to a song won’t solve anything, but also it’s been my experience that sometimes music is all that can help you out of a hard time.

This song talks about personal hardships like not feeling satisfied and always expecting the worst, and it also talks about the unfair power balances in the world and how the life I have is built on these unfair societal structures. In the end, it feels like the anthem of the song convinces you in some way that singing along to your favourite song must in some way help to balance things out, and will always make you feel better“.

Keeper E. just recently performed at The Great Escape in Brighton and will be going on tour around Canada soon.

Listen to “My Favourite Song” here:


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