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Emerging London-based singer and songwriter Marie Naffah has released her brand new single “Wasteland” on January 29.


The British artist has found her inspiration thanks to her Lebanese heritage, as well as from world-famous artists such as Aretha Franklin and Florence and the Machine. Linking these two inspiration sources together, she has produced a unique groove that only she has the secret to. Adding to that mix is her quite interesting wordplay and songwriting, which is inspired by Leonard Cohen and Alex Turner.


She developed herself as an artist in 2019 during a road trip to the US, where she made a plethora of songs, which she describes as “a halfway between London and Americana…new contemporary music with a brush of soul“. Those songs have eventually turned into an EP with producer Simon Byrt.


She can be considered as one of the artists to look out for this year. Indeed, she was named MTV’s Unsigned Artist of the Year before releasing any songs. She has also presented her own TED Talk, made a music film and she recently performed a series of sold-out shows in London.


The single “Wasteland” can be considered as an optimistic anthem between two lands: Wasteland and Wonderland. According to Marie about the single: “I wanted the song to move in and out of two lands – The Wasteland and Wonderland.


Wasteland – the home of self-doubt, apathy and vulnerability is articulated through the verses whilst Wonderland is a space of confidence, power and energy that pulsates through the chorus. After the year we’ve all had, I feel it is a song for people who seek to find their version of Wonderland in 2021”.


Listen to “Wasteland” below:




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