Eminem + Ed Sheeran – River | Music Video


Unhappy Valentine’s day!” wrote Eminem on Instagram post yesterday, teasing the video for his and Ed Sheeran‘s song “River“, taken from his recent album Revival. The video is out now and it revolves around the infidelity in relationship, with some dramatic twists.


There is no secret, that Em likes to attract attention with publicity stunts – there was one used prior to the release of this video as well. Last week, a video of the rapper and a “mysterious woman”, who later was identified as an actress Sarah Ashley Toups, was “leaked” to the internet. It showed both of them meeting in a hotel room and caused a stir among the fans.


As some of them guessed, it was all staged and this footage was a a part of the official music video. Directed by Emil Nava, the clip starts with a question: “What does love mean to you?” and Em’s answer: “My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel“. And the story, depicted in the video, isn’t the most pleasant to watch on February 14.


At the end of the video, Eminem explains, that he needed to get something off his chest, that’s what this song means to him. “All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me,” sings Ed Sheeran in the chorus, clearly also having something to admit. Watch them both in this new video below:




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