Emma Watson And Her Favourite Sustainable Fashion Brands | Fashion News


We all know how Emma Watson is sensitive to sustainable and ethical fashion houses that create collections trying to reduce their impact on the planet.


All started during the Met Gala Ball in May, where Emma made her entrance by wearing a Louis Vuitton dress completely made of recycled plastic bottles. After that, she has always tried to cast a light on those brands, which sustain animal and environmental campaigns in their daily fashion work.


This is Stella McCartney’s philosophy, whose fashion brand creates outfits that are meant to last. Every garment is not going to damage the environment and they’re constantly working on how to improve their commitment.


Gabriela Hearst shows a great attention to sustainability as well. Her ethical production has partnered with no-profit craftswomen’s co-operative in Uruguay and with Save The Children.


Maiyet’s story is quite similar as the brand partners with artisans all around the world in order to incorporate exquisitely handcrafted details and fabric techniques into their collections. The brand also partners with NEST, a no-profit organisation caring in training and developing artisan businesses.






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