Emma Watson Is Being Followed In New ‘Regression’ Clip | Film News



Looking forward to Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke’s new thriller Regression? This is your lucky day because EW have just given us an exclusive sneak peak. In the clip we meet a rather paranoid Watson who reveals to Hawke that she is being followed, just like her mother before her.


Not long afterwards, Hawke finds himself in a similarly disturbing situation. What does it all mean? Is it as Watson fears a death threat? A warning? Or an invitation? Regression is set in 1990 in Minnesota and follows Hawke’s police detective Bruce Kenner as he begins to investigate shocking abuse claims made by Angela Gray (Watson). John Gray (David Dencik) later admits to sexually abusing his daughter, but has no recollection of it.


As disturbing and terrifying as that sounds, it only gets darker. “I just get the feeling with this case, that it’s a part of something… bigger” says Hawke’s detective in the suspenseful and unsettling trailerRegression is slated for a February 5 release (US). Watch the exclusive clip below:




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