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Emma Watson Is Starting A Feminist Book Club On Twitter | Film News



If there is one famous person I would like to be in a book club with, it would be the ever so inspiring and lovely Emma Watson. And guess what, she just made all our dreams come true by launching a feminist book club! No, I’m not pulling your leg. All you need is an internet connection and a twitter account, and you’re ready to go.


Yesterday, Watson took to Twitter to announce her plan and also ask for a helping hand. She had the idea, all she needed was a catchy name. People were quick to offer up suggestions, and the list of contributions ranged from “Watson Your Book Club” to “Hermione’s Army”. She eventually landed on “Our Shared Shelf” – which I love.


Watson’s genius idea has been met with great enthusiasm, and quiet a few celebrities are signing on, footballer Abby Wambach, actor Sophia Bush and singer Kate Voegele have all tweeted that they will be joining this ever-growing book club. Watson has also promised fans that she will extend an invitation to J.K. Rowling and Taylor Swift.


So where will this take us? What’s the first book on the reading list? It seems that Watson will start things off with Gloria Steinem’s latest memoir, My Life on the Road. Just, another great initiative from the wonderfully brilliant Emma Watson. It will be exciting to see where the club will take us and what other books we will be indulging in. I recommend Yes Please by Amy Poehler.




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