Emma Watson Seems To Have Retired From Acting | Film News


Over the last few days, many rumours have been circulating about Harry Potter star Emma Watson‘s film career, claiming that she was retiring.


These rumours came especially after a Daily Mail article by Charlotte Griffiths claimed that her representative said that the 30-year-old star’s acting career is currently “dormant” and that she is “not making any new commitments”.


Following this, Twitter reacted to the news by publishing tributes to Watson and her career, interpreting the statement as a retirement announcement. Most internet users and fans of the actress were upset by the prospect of Watson’s retirement.


Rumours on social networks suggest that Emma Watson was putting her career on hold after a difficult period with her last role in Little Women, after critics online said she was not very good in the 2019 adaptation of the classic novel.


Emma Watson’s on-screen roles have been pretty “light” lately, Entertainment Weekly acknowledged, and Charlotte Griffiths reported that the actress has no acting plans for the foreseeable future, and she is taking a break in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Leo Robinette.


However, Entertainment Weekly received a statement from Jason Weinberg, director of United Entertainment and Watson’s manager saying “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t”.


A message that could reassure the actress’ fans that her career would not be over just yet.



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