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Two weeks after her last release, singer/songwriter and producer Emmavie gifts us again with another track from her upcoming debut album Honeymoon titled “Distraction”.


Emmavie is a British artist who specialises in what she describes as “limitless, soulful, future R&B”, taking inspiration in 90s R&B and adding a little bit of her passion for digital audio experimentation.


Not long ago, Emmavie unveiled “High Off This”, the first track from her upcoming album Honeymoon, out on August 22 on Fresh Selects. It is a romantic song influenced by early 2000 R&B, and led by Emmavie’s original R&B/Electronic blending about the wonderful feeling of being in love.


Following her previous music style, “Distraction” is also another R&B song mixed with a touch of Electronic vibes, product of her love for experimenting with different digital sounds and effects.


However, if “High Off This” was a happy themed love track, Emmavie’s new release doesn’t spread the same kind of positive vibes. Along the song, Emmavie dives into the doubts on whether a new relationship could be a fruitful pursuit or just a merely distraction.


The uptempo track combines hip hop, soul and groove styles and it is filled with drum and bass drum beats, ending with a Talkbox 90’s breakdown provided by the amazing artist DT Soul.




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