Erik Sing + Sophia Hughes – Barely Holding On | New Music


Erik Sing has recently unveiled his debut single called “Leave You Alone”. Now he returns with another track titled “Barely Holding On” which features UK vocalist Sophia Hughes. Erik was actually looking for an artist who he could work with on his current single ”Barely Holding On”, and came across some of Hughes covers she had posted online, and that’s how the collaboration happened.


He explains that: ”She has an amazing voice and I knew straight away I wanted to work with her…”. “Barely Holding On” is a song that explores the turmoils and insecurities of a relationship, and being pushed to the edge while not knowing where life is directing you.


The song is nice and has a calming vibe that comes from Sophia Hughes beautiful voice that sounds great together with the electronic music. Listen to Erik Sing’s newest track “Barely Holding On” here




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