E^ST – I Don’t Lack Imagination | Music Video


Rising artist from ‘Down Under’, E^ST, has dropped the official music video for her latest single “I Don’t Lack Imagination”, directed by Josh Harris.


The dreamy new single is a perfect self-aware bop with rousing pop sensibilities which will should make it go down a storm with fans. The video definitely helps though. Laced with flowers from the beginning to end, E^ST gets to act a fool and be a rebellious soul as she takes over an abandoned mall all by herself.


E^ST explains: “This song is about building up an idea of someone in your mind, but then when you actually get to hang with them and get to know them you realize they’re pretty lame and nowhere near as cool as you preconceived them to be. An ode to all the bad first dates we suffer through.”


Unbound by past experience and influence, E^ST’s songwriting is united by a strong sense of melody and compelling vocal as well as a demonstrable commitment to the pop craft. Applauded for her “irreverent confidence” in “turning the microscope on adolescent heartbreak”, E^ST is busy working on new material expected to be released later this year.




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