Estonian Singer Egert Milder Releases Pop Folk Song ‘Your Green Is Better‘ | Music News


Independent singer-songwriter Egert Milder from Estonia has recently shared another creative indie tune, inspired by his travels across the world.


Your Green Is Better” is his brand new pop folk song that comes with a playful, one-shot music video filmed in a cucumber farm. His previous single “Georgia” had a similar feel-good vibe and was released earlier this year.


With the single Egert Milder could already gained international attention and found fans all over Europe. In a playful way “Your Green Is Better” tells a a story about people who say how grass always seems to be greener on the other side, but then realize that your favorite kind of green is right beside you.


The upbeat folk song, written alongside the songwriters and producers Matteo Capreoli and Kaspar Kalluste, just captures the feeling of the end of summer with its captivating music video.


This song really is a fun one! I feel like this year more than ever people have had the time to be with their most loved and favorite ones, and maybe this song is a good reminder to also actually tell them that every now and then,” Egert says.For the hole team it was a real challenge to film the visuals.


And if the end result looks easy and playful then I can say that behind the camera there was a lot of serious running around going on so that all the participants could reach their positions in time” he explains.


Listen to the playful and positive track below!




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