Eurovision 2016 Watched By 204 Million Viewers Worldwide | TV News



Only recently, we published a post documenting the UK’s viewing figures for Eurovision (over 7 million), but did you know that the event was watched by 204 million viewers worldwide? This equaled to an impressive 5 million more than last year.


The grand final and two semi-finals were watched in 42 countries, and the show smashed average prime time viewing figures in most counties. For example, the show garnered 9.3 million viewers in Germany with 95.3% of its inhabitants tuning in.


Justin Timberlake, the first non-European performer to appear on the show, was most definitely a huge incentive!


On Demand was also a big success: the show was watched 2.6 million times in 192 territories through the official website and on YouTube. With the show also live on radio, the contest has most definitely become a global event that everyone can look forward to.



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