Euroz + Demrick + Dizzy Wright – They Believe | New Music

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Euroz + Demrick + Dizzy Wright – They Believe | New Music


As part of the Still Movin’ Mondays series, Euroz, Dizzy Wright, Reezy and Demrick have teamed a few times and today they have blessed us with a new song, “They Believe”.


The song features a really chilled instrumental, with the main sample being a guitar as each rapper spits their verse. They are a rap quartet that gel nicely together on one track; from their style of rap to their flow. The chemistry is evident and “They Believe” is equally a perfect display of their individual talents.


I think it was a pretty smart decision to join forces and I know their fans are equally as impressed. They have kept a Still Movin’ playlist on Soundcloud; so after checking out “They Believe” below, feel free to listen to their other songs.




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